Founded in 1967, CABBS brings together people who share a passion for building, sailing, paddling, and motoring in boats. Through meetings, outings, and a lending library, members have an opportunity to learn and have fun with those who share a similar interest.

Visitors are always welcome at any CABBS activity.   CABBS is an active chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association.

CABBS Membership

All CABBS members share a passion for the simple pleasures of boating.  Some – but not all –  have build boats.   Some have restored boats. Some simply have a boat they are fond of and appreciate the care and use of a small craft.

At meetings and boating events throughout the year, members have a chance to mix and talk shop. Membership benefits are:

• The C Clamp, our  monthly newsletter

• Access to our boatbuilding library of over 400 volumes

•  CABBS Preferred Vendor List,  proven resources at a good value

•  Mentorship Program.  We introduce you to other members who may be able to advise you on your project.

Where ever you are in the world,  you are welcome to be a member of CABBS. Annual dues are $25 US. You may download the membership form as a PDF or Word document.

For more information about CABBS contact our president, Ed Neal at cabbsmail@gmail.com.

CABBS Board 2018

  • President: Ed Neal
  • Treasurer: Chip Caine
  • Secretary / Newsletter Editor: Jim Jackson
  • Librarian / Boat Show Coordinator: Jim Batteiger
  • Summer Events: Jim Batteiger
  • Model Boat Program: Tom Baugher
  • Webmaster: Ed Neal


If you are trying to find a good home for marine related books, tools, artifacts or even an old boat, contact CABBS President, Ed Neal, 440-871-0334


For matters regarding the library contact:
Jim Batteiger
Phone: (440)-729-9790


For matters regarding the web site contact:
Ed Neal
Phone (440) 871-0334