Two Paddleboards Near Completion

The recently completed Stitch-n-Glue class used the construction of two paddleboards as the hands-on training exercise.  Both boards used cedar strip decks to give students experience with that building method.

Jeff smooths out the deck of the San Marcos with an orbital sander.  Steve and Tom glue the deck to the hull on the Kaholo board.

Two students opted to build their own boards as part of the class.  Jeff built a Jarvis San Marcos board.  The frames were cut out from a Jarvis vector file using the CABBS ShopBot.

Multiple 4mm marine plywood frames create an eggcrate structure to give the board strength and rigidity.  Instructors Tom and Steve plot their next move.

Chris built a Kaholo board from plans by Chesapeake Lightcraft.  The frames were purchased and the remainder of the pieces were scratch built.  A cedar strip deck will complete the structure.

The class spent six Saturday mornings building the boards.  Now off to paint and varnish and launch.

A class built Kaholo paddleboard will be on display at the CABBS booth at Blazing Paddles, June 21 – 22 on the Cuyahoga.



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