CABBS Boatbuilding Plans

Never built a boat but want to learn?  CABBS members have access to a large lending library of boatbuilding books and plans.  Each person in the club is happy to answer questions and share their knowledge and experience.  In addition, CABBS offers plans for two simple to build boats that make an excellent child and adult boatbuilding project.

The CABBS Optimist Pram

No other boat in the world has surpassed the popularity of the Optimist Pram as a sail trainer for kids. Over 400,000 have been built worldwide since Clark Mills designed the boat in 1948. The CABBS Optimist is plywood on frame construction and assembled with construction adhesive and screws. Simple ...
CABBS Mini-skiff

CABBS Mini-Skiff

Real boatbuilding in a simple package Grab a partner under the age of twelve and build your first boat together!  The CABBS Mini-Skiff is a child-sized, seven foot boat that is simple to build and goes together quickly. You only need one sheet of ¼ plywood, a few boards, construction ...