Frank Manley Builds the CABBS Optimist

CABBS Optimist Construction Photos


Long-time, big boat sailor, Frank Manley, built a strong, trim Opti using the CABBS Optimist plans and materials sourced at his neighborhood home center.

He photographed his progress and donated a set of photos to show ‘thinking-about-it’ builders how the boat goes together.

The photo portfolios below cover all the major steps involved with the build. A careful review can answer many questions.

Materials and Tools

completed-bow-viewThe boat came together using pine lumber, ¼” douglas fir marine plywood, exterior coated deck screws, construction adhesive and house paint.

Although Frank’s well equipped shop is the building location, the number of necessary tools is quite small.

The boat can be built using a hand saw, drill and bits, screwdriver, chisel, caulking gun, hand plane and a number of clamps. Access to a table saw would make cutting a few jig bevels much easier.

An Ideal Project, An Ideal Boat

The simple construction, common hand tools, and easily obtained materials, make the CABBS Opti an ideal project for a young person working side-by side or under the guidance of an adult.

panel-starboard-sideNot only is the building process very satisfying, the result is a fun, stable, little sailboat. It’s a great sail trainer that with care, can last many years.

Frank Manley found the CABBS Opti plans to be clear and complete.

Studying the plans, reviewing the building photos, and taking a little at a time goes a long way to ensure trouble-free progress.

Frank’s advice? “Go for it, it’s lots of fun!”

Framing Construction Portfolio

Panels Portfolio

Finishing the Hull Portfolio

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