Day Ten: The Wrap Up


This morning, the Hulberton Bridge lifted without a problem. We were on our way home and by early afternoon the trip would be over.

Sitting in the back of the boat I watched our wake and noted the vibration of the prop beneath my feet. My hand brushed the rough texture of the outdoor fabric covering the stern bench cushion. I spotted nut clusters in the black walnut trees scattered throughout the canal woods. In a few more hours all these feelings, sights and sounds would be gone, relegated to memories. How can I absorb it all more deeply? How can I experience these moments more fully? How can I appreciate what’s in front of me – a boat hook, a folded tarp, an overheard conversation – knowing it will all disappear shortly?

If nothing else boating teaches a person to live in the moment: adjust to the conditions and work with what you got.


We docked and started saying good-bye.  We expressed our greatest compliment for each other, we would gladly get together again on another trip.

Thank you Phil for your light touch and easy laugh and taking us along for the ride. Thanks Jim for roping me into this adventure and introducing me to the gentle pirate life. There might be something Phil and Jim want to thank me for but you’ll have to ask them that yourself.

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