The balmy weather of April 30 was just right to launch FIRST LIGHT built by Mike Latham.  Mike together with Paula Smith and Mike’s sons Daniel and Jacob floated her free for the first time at the Lake Erie Edgewater Ramps.

 Over a six year period Mike (in red jacket) built the 19ft. Ocean Pointer design in his exquisitely outfitted garage/workshop.

The boat is strip planked in pine and sheathed in fiberglass cloth set in epoxy.  Many labor hours went into producing a flawless hull finish that rivals any professionally produced production boat.  An extensive cardboard mock-up helped to determine the shape of the console and the placement of electronics and gauges.

 FIRST LIGHT sets a new standard in CABBS for both the ambitiousness of the project and the level of craftsmanship achieved.

Long may FIRST LIGHT travel safely!

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