Step by Step a Swampscott Dory Takes Shape

John Mikolich’s 16 ft. Swampscott dory will be seeing water soon, but exactly when he is reluctant to say. It’s been a slow but steady build process from scratch. John worked from the plans in John Gardner’s book, Building Classic Small Craft. He cut the frames from white oak and planked with 9mm. marine plywood. The hull uniquely mixes four stout primary frames with smaller and lighter secondary frames.

Storage hatches in bow and stern are the current project. A repurposed section of a funky wood ladder serves as the backbone of the makeshift construction dolly. John took a break from the hull and built a set of 8 ft. oars for the boat, crafting them from a sandwich of pine and oak.

With sails, paint and some brightwork accents she will be a spirited sight on the water.

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