Day One: Funny How It All Works Out

Capt. Kroeger

Capt. Kroeger in his 1941 Richardson

We’re on our way to Watertown, NY.  Our first stop is a quick side trip is the boat auction at the Clayton Antique Boat Museum.  We’re traveling in Captain Kroeger’s land cruiser, an extended cab, eight foot bed Chevy Silverado.

But this is not how it was supposed to be.

Jim expected for months to pilot his 30ft. Richardson motor yacht to the Richardson Rendezvous.  He planned to take the boat via Lake Erie to Buffalo where he would enter the Erie Canal. From there he would make the 180 mile trip to the Richardson Owners Rendezvous in Baldwinsville, near Syracuse.

But Plan A had to be scratched. The complete renovation of the boat’s electrical system was not ready in time to make the trip.

So Plan B. Tomorrow after our side trip to the Clayton Antique Boat Museum, we will head to Lockport, NY where we will meet up with Captain Phil Cummings. Then we will board Heidi, Phil’s 37ft. Richardson for a 140 mile journey on the Erie Canal to Baldwinsville.

Cattrez, Seneca Nation gas station.

Cattrez, Seneca Nation gas station.

Capt. Kroeger had a 40 year truck driving career and knew all the best places to find the lowest price on gas. It showed half-way through the trip. In western New York I-90 passes through the Seneca Nation reservation. At the Silver Creek exit we drove a half mile to a group of gas stations on the reservation. There, gas is about forty cents a gallon cheaper due to the lack of certain federal taxes.

Like all modern gas stations it was part convenience store. Based on the large size of the display cases it also was a great place to pick up a hunting knife or samurai sword if that is what you dropped by for.

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